Claudia Yarmy is a 20+ year seasoned veteran in the entertainment industry.  As a child of two television actors, Claudia is no stranger to the stage and set.  She began her career as a Script Supervisor, having worked on various hit shows including Key & Peele, Training Day, Santa Clarita Diet, Jean Claude Van Johnson and both CSI Miami and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.  Some of the notable talents she has worked with over the years are Danny Cannon, Joe Chappelle, Chris Columbus, John Favreau, Peter Atencio, John Hamburg, Ann Donahue, Carol Mendelsohn and Jerry Bruckheimer

Her years on set has given her a deep foundation in TV production.  Working closely with multiple directors and actors gave her the skill and insight to the technical demands of making a television episode, as well as editing, sense of story, camera and communication with actors.

Claudia made the transition to Directing when she was promoted to 2nd Unit Director on CSI Miami.  She has since directed on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Lucifer, Lethal Weapon and For The People.  Claudia has participated in the CBS Director’s Diversity Program and the Warner Bros. Director’s Television Workshop.